CGWORLD Online Tutorial

CumuloworksによるCinema 4Dの日本語チュートリアルが、CGWORLD様にて購入・視聴できるようになりました! MoGraph、Dynamics、Octane Renderなどを詳細に解説しています。 購入・視聴はこちら...

Cumuloworks ( Tomoya Eguchi )
Motion Grapher / 3DCG Generalist


I am a motion grapher and 3DCG generalist based in Tokyo, Japan.

I am currently working for NANAME.INC.

With years of experience in Japanese video-production industry, I can create various kinds of motion graphics using different techniques such as 3DCG, simulations, scripting, and so on. (I'm always keep learning !)

In parallel with daily production, I often teach video production at design schools.

*I am open for video-production commissions through NANAME.INC. Please get in touch with me via CONTACT page.

株式会社ナナメ モーショングラファー・3DCGジェネラリスト